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Whether you are at your desk, on your way to work or at home in your apartment, having access to your strata property alerts and updates is simple and rewarding. How is it possible in a world driven by smartphone technology, that your Strata Manager is not keeping you updated on your own customized App? Do not accept emails and flyers anymore. FREE to get started!

Living or working in a shared space can be difficult at times with so many people and strata issues to manage. The strata sector is continuously changing with new laws and requirements which impact every owner and occupant. Now is the time to use award-winning technology to achieve best outcomes for everyone in your strata community.

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  • Notification Management | STRATA ALERT

    Notification Management

    Avoid duplication and time-wasting dealing with strata issues. Every owner and occupant has access to the latest strata issues and can easily report strata concerns. Any duplication of time may lead to poor decision making which can be very expensive and stressful to resolve.

  • Unlimited Properties | STRATA ALERT

    Unlimited Properties

    It doesn't matter if you have different strata managers, add all your strata properties. One Strata Alert® app for all your strata property updates. Simple, easy and accessible.

  • Peace of Mind | STRATA ALERT

    Peace of Mind

    How important do you value the health and safety of your family and friends for apartment living or company staff in business strata? Strata Alert® is a better way to communicate. A safer place to live. A safer place to work.

  • Simple On-Boarding | STRATA ALERT

    Simple On-Boarding

    Strata Alert has patented the sign-up process for every owner and occupant. Simple, fast and easy to sign-up for any business or residential strata use.

  • Seamless Communication | STRATA ALERT

    Seamless Communication

    Simple and easy to use messages, alerts and updates. Create your own groups and invite like-minded owners and occupants to contribute to the strata well-being.

  • Transparency | STRATA ALERT


    No more excuses and lost emails with every stakeholder having access to the latest updates and alerts. Information should be available and accessible to everyone at all times.

  • Electronic Voting | STRATA ALERT

    Electronic Voting

    Real-time notification replies save time and money. No more delays replying to emails whilst much-needed strata repairs and maintenance issues accumulate. Your time is important and everyone hates the email chains.

  • Mobile Access  | STRATA ALERT

    Mobile Access

    In the age of cloud computing, mobile optimization is of utmost importance. Owners and occupants are always on the move and can access these tools anytime, anywhere from the comfort of their smartphones.

  • Customized  | STRATA ALERT


    Finally, your own property App with FAQ’s, property rules and “Things to know”. Each strata is unique with different owners and occupants. Remind yourself how much your strata levies are, but you do not get your own property App?

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About Us.

Strata Alert® is a multi-award winning web-based, SaaS strata and property management software company in Sydney, Australia. Our team at Strata Alert® are highly motivated individuals looking for opportunities where new technology can transform industries and create smart cities. We are a one-stop solution that facilitates streamlined communication for all stakeholders: property owners, occupants, strata or facility property managers. A clean and intuitive user interface, Strata Alert® simplifies all strata management-related communication and workflows. The software is designed to work seamlessly for various types of strata properties (commercial, retail, residential, industrial or warehouse) and is available on Play / App Store.

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