Millions of Australians are living or working in shared strata spaces. Strata property management is at best, handling people as much as any strata issue. Our buildings are going vertical and large strata residential communities are sprawling across major areas in Queensland.
Australia has a population of 24 million and there are approximately 19.5 million registered motor vehicles as at 31 January 2019. Australia is not a car loving nation, but a lack of public transport and geographically, a large continent makes driving a car the preferred transport option day to day.
Every registered strata has a limited number of parking spots available. Each strata plan has allocated spots to the owners and a small number of spots for visitor parking. Local councils do not want owners, occupants and visitors parking in public streets due to a lack of parking spots available and added conjecture to traffic conditions.

What can I do when someone is parking in my spot ?

All strata plans have by-laws which are the rules for your registered strata property. These provisions refer to the rules and options in managing parking spots and procedures when people park illegally.

The truth of the matter, you can amend your by-laws and forward breach notices, orders to comply but, at the end of the day, the culprits know that nothing can really happen until the issue escalates to boiling point. Depending on which state your strata plan is registered, if your by-laws allow, you can have the car towed away. However, it is not that simple and requires a process of advanced notice and final reminders.

A simpler, cheaper and faster option – smart technology

Most people in society are looking for social connections. It is time to look at your strata owners and occupants as part of your strata community and not alienate them but work towards a common goal; a better place to live or a better place to work.
Having your own property App, which is only accessible to the owners, occupants and strata manager creates a better stream-lined communication process.
For whatever reason, if you are illegally parking on a strata property, be pro-active and post on the property feed “Hello everyone, this is John and I have parked in the visitor spot. I will not be much longer but, if required, please call me on xxxxx and I will move my car.”
It is the complete arrogance and contempt of people that illegally park anywhere on a strata property that infuriates owners and occupants. Taking a pro-active approach to this issue, will result in a substantial drop of complaints because, people will be more understanding and appreciative of being informed in advance.

67% drop in parking complaints since having their own property App

Changing behaviours of owners and occupants that live or work in shared strata spaces, is the initial step in creating a better community feeling. Since using Strata Alert®, owners and occupants in a high-rise residential tower have reported a 67% drop in parking complaints since having their own property App.
It is not a perfect world, but if you invite owners and occupants within your strata to be part of the decision making, you are more likely to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Strata Alert® – A better way to communicate