Let us state the most obvious, the above flyer has a lot of spelling mistakes.


Are flyers an efficient way to communicate as part of a strata management plan?


A strata can have business or residential occupants and is a community of unrelated owners and occupants sharing the same space or complex. Our cities are going vertical and millions of people are either living or working in a shared strata environment.

Traditional strata management tools included emails, phone calls and flyers as the most effective way to handle strata issues. Everyone that has ever owned an apartment or volunteered to be on the strata committee know the frustration, anxiety and stress that poor communication can generate.

Clearly, the owners and occupants in the above strata were frustrated with residents leaving shopping trolleys in the foyer and entrance to the building. They would have informed their strata manager of their concerns and based on traditional strata management methods, a flyer was produced and left at the entrance. Keep in mind the time wasted by the the strata manager to prepare the flyer and travel to the strata complex and place at a variety of positions.

A flyer clearly is not an effective communication option when the intended target can be hundreds of people: –

  • What if the flyer was removed and destroyed?
  • Has the flyer been placed at every entrance including car parks to ensure everyone has read?
  • What if the flyer content is graffitied and not legible?
  • How many flyers can you possibly leave considering there are many ongoing strata issues?
  • A flyer has a shelf life of hours. Is it reasonable to expect everyone has seen the flyer?

“Coronavirus has changed strata management forever. Millions of people are now working from their apartments during this pandemic crisis. For the first time in decades, owners and occupants are more conscious of the day to day activities of other owners and occupants.”

You must engage the services of agile next generation strata managers who are willing to use award winning smart city technology. Instant real time alerts to every owner and occupant is far more effective than leaving flyers. The alerts are a permanent digital footprint on your strata property app and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

It is impossible to list the range of daily and weekly strata concerns that your strata manager is engaged to handle. On many occasions they are outsourcing to service providers to fix or repair, but there are many matters that they resolve with your committee and can be very complex and procedural.

Effective communication that is accessible on any device via the web or app is the minimum pre-requisite in today’s world. Complete transparency from everyone reporting their strata concerns, contributing with like-minded people in groups, online chats and completing electronic voting is a better way moving forward.

How much is poor communication going to cost your strata in the future?