Strata Alert® was awarded a grant by the City of Sydney to enhance social connections for people that live in vertical buildings. Eligible applicants must meet a strict criterion and provide evidence of the need for the service or product for the City of Sydney residents.

Approximately 80% of residences in the City of Sydney local area are apartments – over 5 times the national average.
The City of Sydney has spent a lot of time and money in meeting the expectations of their constituents constantly investing in their online digital presence. Sydney is experiencing a surge in new buildings as residents choose to live close to the Sydney CBD precinct and easier access to public transport.

However, not everyone is used to apartment living and shared spaces.
Strata Alert® is a multi-award-winning platform that streamlines the communications for everyone that live in shared strata buildings and properties. Strata Alert® has simplified how every owner, occupant and strata manager sign-up, raise concerns over strata issues, receive alerts and updates and contribute to the well-being of the strata by participating in groups and forums.

Strata Alert® has enhanced their technology platform by allowing users to easily access strata and apartment information from the City of Sydney. Residents that live within the City of Sydney area that are using Strata Alert® can also get easy access to additional information, not limited to: –
Booking venues for strata meetings at City of Sydney locations.
Additional information about apartment living
Access to “Strata Workshops” held to assist locals with strata issues and current topical strata concerns Community events via the “What’s on in Sydney” website.

The City of Sydney is constantly seeking new technology to enhance smart city living. Strata Alert® is providing owners and occupants a better way to communicate. The building sector is currently experiencing a major overhaul with the New South Wales Government appointing a new building commissioner. Major building and structural defects are causing a lot of anxiety, stress and financial burden for apartment owners.

Smart technology developed by Strata Alert® that improves the communication process can lead to better outcomes and meeting the challenging strata issues as they arise for each building and property. Strata Alert® continues to disrupt the strata sector and seek new and better solutions for smart city living, whilst working with state and local governments to meet the expectations of up to 8 million Australians that live or work in strata properties.