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Conventional methods of emails and flyers in handling strata and property management issues, is not sustainable in the long run. Can you fix the lift any faster by receiving a dozen emails or phone calls about the same issue? Now is the time to use smart technology and make your strata and property management business more profitable and productive. Add unlimited strata properties for FREE ... Read More

Whether you are at your desk, on your way to work or at home in your apartment, having access to your strata property alerts and updates is simple and rewarding. How is it possible in a world driven by smartphone technology, that your Strata Manager is not keeping you updated on your own customized App? Do not accept emails and flyers anymore. FREE to get started... Read More

For Property


In September 2019, Strata Alert® was awarded a matching grant by the City of Sydney to further enhance our award-winning technology. The grant was for Strata Alert® to focus on the social connection and well-being of owners and occupants in vertical buildings. Approximately 80% of residences in the City of Sydney local area are apartments – over 5 times the national average. For City of Sydney residents, not only can they use Strata Alert® to stay up to date with all their strata property issues but also, register for City of Sydney strata workshops, book venues for strata meetings, view “Things to Know” about apartment living and easy access “What’s on in Sydney.” Strata Alert® is exploring other opportunities nationally ... Read More

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About Us.

Strata Alert® is a multi-award winning web-based, SaaS strata and property management software company in Sydney, Australia. Our team at Strata Alert® are highly motivated individuals looking for opportunities where new technology can transform industries and create smart cities. We are a one-stop solution that facilitates streamlined communication for all stakeholders: property owners, occupants, strata or facility property managers. A clean and intuitive user interface, Strata Alert® simplifies all strata management-related communication and workflows. The software is designed to work seamlessly for various types of strata properties (commercial, retail, residential, industrial or warehouse) and is available on Play / App Store.

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  • Winner of 200 Businesses of Tomorrow | STRATALERT
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