Why Strata Alert

Strata Managers – Easy and Rewarding

Everyone knows a lift will breakdown, but do you really need to be emailed and called a dozen times? Real time alerts and notifications is the easiest way that everyone in the building is kept up to date

Tenants and Workers

Tenants love the building app promoting their services whilst office workers can enjoy the community feed and social posts.

Create a ticket and contribute ensuring your building is a safer place to work.


You might work for different companies on different floors, but you are all connected. Using Strata Alert is simple and easy avoiding multiple calls and emails. Your building Strata Manager will appreciate your contribution.

We Will Take Care

Our team at Strata Alert believe the most important resource is information. Every worker should have up to
date information accessible on any device. Whether you are at your desk, on your way to work or out at lunch,
real time notifications and messages from your Property Strata Manager is keeping everyone safer.

About Us

Our team at Strata Alert are highly motivated individuals looking for opportunities where new technology
can transform industries and create “smart cities” We are the recipient of a NSW Government Technology
Grant for innovation in creating a more efficient communication platform for owners, tenants, workers
and strata managers in office buildings. We are excited by our new business opportunities and partnerships
as we continue to transform the Strata Management sector and pilot other programs creating “smart cities”